Our Services 

Time affects everything, cemetery stones and monuments are no exception. Below are listed some of our services and a brief description:

Stone leveling

Bringing stones up to their original level. Whether leaning or fallen we straighten and level the foundation

and set the stone back to original placement. After the ground is compacted, we use aggregate to fill under

and around the foundation to further prevent leaning.

Stone reconstruction

We strive to make each stone appear as close to original condition as possible. Although we have several years of experience reconstructing stones, we will occasionally come across one that is too far gone to be reconstructed. To see examples of stones that have been reconstructed please go to the Stone Reconstruction Page.

Foundation base replacement

Many stones have bases that are either broken or deteriorated over time. We can replace these with our

own custom made foundation bases to restore the stone to its original condition. We have a wide variety of

sizes to accommodate most stones or monuments.


Many older stones are in need of resealing. If not resealed, they are in danger of toppling over causing

damage to the stone or surrounding stones. Stones in this condition are a liability to persons and property.

We disassemble these stones, clean and match the surfaces, then reseal them, assuring a long lasting level



We have the capabilities of cleaning stones and returning them to close to original condition. Because of the

age of the stone and the material the stone is made of, extreme care must be given to the cleaning process.

Locating unmarked graves and lost headstones

We can locate lost gravesites by dousing. Don't ask how it works, but it does. This aids in cemetery layout

and assures no grave is forgotten.

If you are involved with a cemetery in need of restoration or have any questions, please use the Contact Us page to send an email or call us.